Yoga, Anatomy & Alignment Course

Taught by Osteopath & Yoga Teacher,

Oren Dotan, D.O.

50 hour course of exploring of your body

In this course you will learn anatomical and bio-mechanic principles that are the basis of alignment. You will do so through exploring your own body. Your understanding of the human body will change dramatically through experiencing it yourself.

Investing in your health and practice

This course is a golden opportunity to understand what you need to focus on in your practice so you can prevent pain and injury, strengthen your weak spots, and grow stronger and healthier.

Even experienced yoga teachers have gotten more intimate with their bodies, realized what their own weaknesses and imbalances were, and learned how to correct them.

yoga anatomy for yoga teachers

Investing in your students and your teaching 

As you learn how to experience your body differently, you will understand how to recognize potential setbacks and risks in your students’ practice. You will be able how to guide them more safely and responsibly in their practice by understanding their weak spots, what they need to work on and how they should align their bodies in a therapeutic, harm-free way.

yoga alignment for yoga teachers

A course dedicated for dedicated yoga teachers

This course is tailor-made for dedicated yoga teachers who wish to become unique in their ability to guide their students with confidence through relying on a deep understanding of the human body.

10 Things you will get from this course 

(and 4 things you won't)

You will:

  • Feel the connections between different body parts and learn, by direct experiencing, how they influence each other

  • Learn how to correct your own pattern of muscular imbalance imbalance

  • Understand how to implement simple anatomical and bio-mechanical principles to all postures

  • Learn about fascia and fascial lines. Understand their influence on movement and stability

  • Develop stability and comfort in your postures and learn how to teach your students to do the same

anatomy for yoga teachers
yoga anatomy for yoga teachers
yoga alignemnt for yoga teachers
  • Learn to recognize students who are prone to injury and learn how to help them

  • Develop awareness of different physical structures your students can have and how they can create alignment difficulties

  • Learn proper alignment that allows students to relax even in the most complex postures

  • Feel the deep effects of personally-oriented alignment on mental and emotional states

  • Gain confidence in your ability to teach yoga with a deep perspective about the human body

yoga alignment for yoga teachers

You will NOT:

  1. Learn anatomy through books or dry lectures -
    Instead, you will learn it through your own body


  2. Memorize instructions of alignment for each posture - Instead, you will understand anatomical principles you can implement in each and every posture there is

  3. Stretch as far and deep as you can -
    Instead, you will be taught cues that direct you to listen to the limits of your body


  4. Hear the phrase:  “Listen to your body” -
    Click here if you want to know why:

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